deep water

My design is inspired by the world of sailing and solo navigations around the world. I was inspired by various characters that made this challenge, but I was inspired the most by the documentary “Deep water” and the personalities of Crowhurst and Moitessier. This documentary narrates the desperate attempt of Donald Crowhurst, a small business owner, to participate with no previous experience in the first edition of the Golden Global Race organized by The Sunday Times in 1968.

During the competition Donald is completely lost in his solitude and decides to commit suicide, while Moitessier on the contrary finds himself and decides, close to the finish line, to go back and make another half route of the world. Influenced by the images and personalities in “Deep water” I designed a collection inspired by sailing clothes, starting from the basic shape of the anorak with a urban look. For two jackets I used an old sail that I treated with a pumice stone washing.





credits: nepa.duo